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Are you a brand, vendor, or business looking for an exciting partnership opportunity? invites you to join forces with us and tap into the immense potential of the traditional products market from the Northeast part of India.

Why Partner with

  1. Extensive Reach: With our established online presence and dedicated customer base, partnering with provides you with access to a wide audience of traditional product enthusiasts and consumers who appreciate the cultural heritage of Northeast India.
  2. Authentic Traditional Products: We take pride in curating an exclusive collection of high-quality traditional items, wears, utensils, t-shirts, beverages, and traditional food products. By partnering with us, you align your brand with authenticity, craftsmanship, and cultural preservation.
  3. Increased Visibility: Through strategic collaborations and joint marketing efforts, we will work together to enhance your brand visibility and reach. Benefit from our strong digital marketing initiatives and promotional campaigns tailored to showcase the uniqueness of your products.
  4. Expansion Opportunities: Expand your customer base and explore new market segments by leveraging our platform. Our extensive customer network allows you to reach potential customers who are actively seeking traditional products from Northeast India.
  5. Dedicated Support: Our partnership is built on mutual growth and success. We offer personalized support and assistance to ensure a seamless collaboration experience. Our team will work closely with you to understand your goals, address your concerns, and implement effective strategies.

Partner with today and unlock the following opportunities:

  1. Vendor Collaboration: Showcase your traditional products on our platform and gain access to a larger customer base. We value the unique offerings of our vendors and are committed to promoting and supporting their businesses.
  2. Brand Collaborations: Collaborate with us to create exclusive product lines or limited-edition collections that celebrate the beauty and traditions of Northeast India. Tap into our expertise in the traditional products market and leverage our platform to amplify your brand’s reach.
  3. Promotional Campaigns: Let’s join forces to create compelling promotional campaigns that highlight the essence of your brand and products. Through engaging content, social media campaigns, and targeted advertising, we can drive awareness and sales for your offerings.
  4. Joint Events and Collaborative Initiatives: Explore opportunities for joint events, workshops, or cultural initiatives that showcase the richness and diversity of Northeast India’s traditional heritage. By combining our resources and expertise, we can create memorable experiences that resonate with our audiences.

Contact us at to discuss partnership opportunities and take the first step towards a successful collaboration. We are excited to explore the endless possibilities and create a mutually beneficial partnership that celebrates the beauty of tradition.

Together, let’s unlock the true potential of traditional products and make a lasting impact in the world of cultural preservation and appreciation.